Cabin Grade

Vertical Grain is available in widths up to an actual 5” face. It has a 90 - 100% heart content. All the grain is straight rather than patterned due to the way the material is sawed. It is ¾” solid, for a nail down application.

The American Chestnut tree is native to North America. It was devastated by the chestnut blight in the early 1900’s, and is nearly extinct. The material we use for flooring is reclaimed from old barns and structures throughout the Appalachian Mountain regions, where the tree once thrived. Our American Chestnut flooring is available in a random 3” to 10” width. The facial appearance may vary in color as well as characteristics such as worm holes. It is important to minimize waste of this product. We prefer to produce this flooring in a random width to help preserve this precious resource.

Weathered Oak

Vertical Grain

The smooth sawed Grade has few nail holes, and is planed smoothly.

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Standard Grade


Reclaimed Heart Pine, Solids

Smooth Sawed Grade

Premium Grade


   Cabin Grade

   Nail Grade

   Standard Grade

   Premium Grade

   Vertical Grain Grade

Nail Grade

Standard Grade has a 75-100% heart content. It has fewer nails holes and bolt holes, and is slightly more formal than the Nail Grade.

Our solid Reclaimed Heart Pine Flooring products are sold un-finished. The thickness can be determined at the time an order is placed. Most of our flooring products are ¾” thick. All of our reclaimed material will have nail holes, bolt holes, and knots. These characteristics, as well as the heart content, will vary depending on the grade of the flooring. To ensure that the quality of our reclaimed material meets your expectations, please contact our office for a copy of our grading specs for Reclaimed/Antique Heart Pine.

Dirty-top flooring has nail holes, bolt holes, saw marks, and is very rustic in character. (This product is also available in Reclaimed Heart Pine).

Reclaimed Oak, Solids

Our reclaimed Hickory/Pecan, like most of our reclaimed material, is salvaged from old structures all across America. It is considered a very stable and enduring floor. The color can vary between the sap wood which is white, to the heart wood, which can be light to brownish red. Widths available are a random 3” – 8”, making the best use of the material.

Nail Grade has the most character appearance, with many nail holes, bolt holes, and knots. It has a 50 -100% heart content. This product is ¾” solid wood flooring for a nail down application.

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 Cabin Grade is available in 3” , 5”, and 7” widths. The heart content can range from no heart to 50% heart content. The Cabin Grade allows for numerous defects, and oily boards. It is ¾” solid wood flooring for a nail down application. This product is outstanding for those wanting a “Gnarly Floor”.

Premium Grade is very pristine and formal in appearance. It has a 90-100% heart content, with some nail holes, bolt holes, and knots. This product is ¾” thick, for a nail down application.


Hickory / Pecan

American Chestnut

American Chestnut

Reclaimed Flooring


  Dirty Top 

  Smooth Sawed 


Our solid ¾” Reclaimed/Antique Oak flooring is manufactured from reclaimed beams and decking removed from old mills, factories, barns, and other structures throughout America. It is available in random 3” – 8” widths, with additional widths available by special order, and in 2’ – 12’ lengths. Our reclaimed Oak flooring is a mix of Red and White, as that is how the material is salvaged. When the structures we tear down were built over 100 years ago - - the material that was available is what was used – it was rarely sorted for Red or White. This product is available in Dirty-top / Rustic Grade with saw marks, or a Smooth Grade. 

(Single width flooring, red only, white only, or specific lengths will be quoted by request only, and will be special order only. Please call for pricing before quoting).

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Gray weathered oak is produced from material reclaimed from barn siding. This product could have some saw marks, nail holes, and will vary in color appearance.

(Limited availability, call before quoting.)

Dirty-Top Grade