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These beautiful wheels are magical!  Just hang them anywhere and enjoy the light!  They are perfect for indoor use in any sunny window, or hang them outside wherever you like- - in the garden, from a tree, from a plant holder- just use your imagination! 
Each sun-catcher wheel is different, as they are made using material that is available. They come in two sizes, small or large.  Call us today for pricing!!!

Flip Flop Wreath

Add a little whimsy to your indoor or outdoor living space with a Flip Flop Wreath made from new Flip Flops!

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Sun-Catcher Wheels 

Every home needs candle holders, and these are uniquely different! We have salvaged old flatware and silverware to create these one of a kind, delightfully whimsical candle holders. Buy one for yourself, or your friends - - share the fun!

Candle Holders